Discovery Media Group takes an active interest in the principles of Corporate Social Responsibility and therefore published the following book with Guido Guertler, a world leading expert, in 2013.

Here Guido explains the book and discusses how it could influence your business decisions in the future.

You can order a copy of the book online by using the link below.

The Easy Guide to ISO 26000
Using the offered guidance on social responsibility in an easy, correct and efficient manner.

WHY and WHAT is it?
The Easy Guide to ISO 26000 fills a gap in the market by providing recommendations and practical tips on how to use the guidance standard. And this is why Ben Lane at Discovery Media Group (a respected UK publishing company; ben@dmgpublishing.co.uk) and Guido Guertler (a world leading expert; guido.guertler@t-online.de) created this book.


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This book describes how the complex ISO 26000 Guidance on Social Responsibility can be successfully used by all types and sizes of organizations regardless of their location. By following the recommendations in this book you can make a difference. Its relevance-focused and goal-oriented approach is highly efficient, so that it will save you a great deal of time and money.

WHAT does it OFFER:
It offers many practical tips and a number of easy-to-use tools for the identification and handling of those issues where your organisation may contribute to societal development. It illustrates ways and means of how to set priorities and how to communicate the findings of your self-analysis to all parties inside and outside your organization. It will empower you to act autonomously reliably and responsibly.

WHO may benefit from this book?
This Easy Guide to ISO 26000 may be particularly useful for small and medium-sized organizations, and for departments of larger organizations. In short, this book is for anyone who wants to start or continue their journey on social responsibility.

WHAT substance does it address?
Published at the end of August 2013, it has 50 pages (A5 format), and the following contents:

1. How does social responsibility materialize?
2. Characterization of ISO 26000
3. Use of ISO 26000
4. How to identify ISO 26000 issues
4.1 The 26k-issue-tool
4.2 The 26k-issue-tool, individually amended
4.3 The 26k-select(R) software
4.4 The 26k-action-tool
5. How to engage stakeholders
6. How to determine priorities
7. What about continuous improvement?
8. Key performance indicators
9. How to communicate the use of ISO 26000
10. Practical tips
10.1 Where to get ISO 26000
10.2 Where to get the tools
10.3 Training courses
10.4 Consultancy services
10.5 Certification offers
10.6 Verification and validation
11. Encouragement
Annex 1 Useful files and links
Annex 2 Answers to initial questions
Annex 3 Tool forms for print
Annex 4 Statement of use (example)

The ISBN numbers are: Print edition: 978-1-905315-16-1; Ebook edition: 978-1-905315-17-8.

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