The Easy Guide to ISO 26000

By Guido Gurtler, Ben Lane & Federico Sendel – Edition Two

Also available in Spanish (Edition One): La Guía fácil para la Norma ISO 26000

Layout 1This newly published book (English Edition Two & Spanish Edition One, May 2014) describes how the complex ISO 26000 Guidance on Social Responsibility can be used successfully by all types and sizes of organization regardless of their location.

By following the recommendations in this book you can make a difference. Its relevance-focused and goal-oriented approach is highly efficient, so that it will save you a great deal of time and money.

It offers many practical tips and a number of easy-to-use tools for the identification and handling of those issues where your organization may contribute to societal development.

It illustrates ways and means of how to set priorities and how to communicate the findings of your self-analysis to all parties inside and outside your organization.

It will empower you to act autonomously, reliably and responsibly.

This Easy Guide to ISO 26000 may be particularly useful for small and medium-sized organizations, and for departments of larger organizations.

In short, this book is for anyone who wants to start or continue their journey towards being socially responsible.


Published by Discovery Media Group