What is Partnership Publishing?
Partnership publishing is best described as a media collaboration between a publisher and a key partner to meet pre-agreed success criteria. It is a marriage of core editorial and commercial publishing skills and experience with the influence, relationships and brand power of the key partner.

Who is Discovery Media Group?
Discovery Media Group is the UK's most exciting and committed independent publisher. Our mission is to work in close publishing partnership with our clients to produce impactful, engaging, creative and measurable print and online media products for our partners. Discovery Media Group specialises in the publishing of bookazines.

What is a bookazine?
A bookazine is a hybrid of a book and a magazine. Published in magazine format, a bookazine typically has a long shelf of up to 6 months in-store and is generally rich in content. Advertising to editorial ratios never exceed 30:70. Depending on the publishing model agreed between Discovery Media Group and its partners, bookazines are typically produced annually or twice a year on the same topic and may contain advertising. Due to this long shelf life, bookazines are usually more efficiently produced and distributed than magazines, and can be distributed both in the UK and overseas territories. Usually priced at between £4.99 and £9.99, a bookazine is more than just a magazine - with content and production values to reflect the higher purchase price.


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Current projects?
Discovery Media Group presently works in the bookazine sector to support:
  • The caravan/motorhome/camping/tourism industry
  • The genealogy/family history industry
  • The practical art/drawing sector
Caravans and Motorhomes
From its inception, Discover Touring has been well supported by the industry. Entering the world of caravan or motorhome ownership can be daunting, and Discover Touring helps and inspires those starting out to get the most out of their touring lifestyle. Discover Touring is now available in print at the newsstand and in digital format at www.discovertouringlive.co.uk

Genealogy and Family History
Millions of people worldwide are interested in researching and discovering more about their family's past, and now more records than ever before are digitised and available online. Family history has never been easier, and what was once a relatively niche interest has become a worldwide phenomenon, supported by TV celebrities tracking down their own ancestors and a wistful eye on the past. However, you don't have to be a celebrity to uncover amazing stories in your family' history. Discovery Media Group publishes Discover Your Ancestors once a year in February, and due to growing reader demand from around the world has launched a monthly digital version. The publication is aimed at newcomers interested in researching their family history and also for those returning to this growing pursuit, or who have reached brick walls. Discover Your Ancestors remains one of the highest selling bookazine publications in all sectors, in several thousand outlets both in the UK and overseas. More information can be found at www.discoveryourancestors.co.uk

Practical Art and Drawing
Discover Art is a brand new inspirational and stimulating resource for the practising artist, whatever their age, experience or preferred medium. Published in print once a year, Discover Art is a beautifully produced content rich bookazine available at the newsstand across the UK. The editor, James Hobbs, and his team of practising artist journalists will explore how successful artists work through tutorials, artist interviews and glimpses behind the scenes. We will reveal how they approach subject matter, such as landscapes, cityscapes, portraiture, seascapes, still lifes and abstracts. We'll be taking a trip to artists' studios, exposing the daily routines of known and unknown artists, offering advice about getting paintings exhibited, framing and, of course, reviewing a few of the best art products around. We'll help our readers develop the social side of creativity to meet new people, set up an art blog or website, use social media to show their work, and plan their holidays around their artistic interests. See more at www.discover-art.co.uk

Who can benefit from Partnership Publishing with Discovery Media Group?
Of course any business that wants to externalize their core messaging and engage deeply with new prospects can do so with a bookazine partnership. As a requested and paid for title, much of the launch costs can be offset by copy sales forecasts and/or third party advertising revenues. It also means that businesses can control communications and track effectiveness both in terms of copy sales and customer conversions - straight to the bottom line. Massive newsstand coverage options allow a brand to be browsable by the tens of millions of daily footfall in newsagents and supermarkets. Two business types that can add value to their customer experience in particular are online businesses and clubs or associations. Please see our Services page for an understanding of our full range of publishing services. Each and every customer has different objectives, competences and values. Discovery Media Group offers bespoke services or an end to end service that suits our partner.

Online businesses?
Over the past few years many businesses have evolved online to provide excellent and far-reaching resources. Large online membership or subscriber databases are sometimes serviced by online communications, often with little regard to either prospect branding or offline recruitment and retention activity. Many online firms do not stray beyond online activity to address their public in other ways, beyond perhaps attending one or two key events each year. This often leaves members/customers, or prospective members/customers, disengaged and uninspired, especially where the target demographic may not be particularly confident in responding within the online environment. Partnership publishing spans that divide by giving online subscribers and members something valuable, tangible and inspiring in a format they are more comfortable with.

Clubs and associations?
The lifeblood of clubs and associations is membership. From increased membership comes increased membership revenues that can be reinvested into the club or association. Partnership publishing offers clubs and associations a cost effective model combining either internal or external communications, or both, to meet the needs of membership retention and growth.

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